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What Coach Never Told You

An inside look into what coach isn't telling you to help you succeed.

With this Ebook get ready to:


See Progress Without Mentally Killing Yourself


Avoid Burnout & Find What Works For You


Deal With Mental Blocks & Triggers


Be Guided On Rest & Recovery


Deal With Abusive Coaches

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Learn how to become your best tool

So what haven't you been told?

The e-book is here to tell you the things your coach may not know or chooses not to tell you. From recovery protocols to learning how to perform like a professional, this shines a light on what you go through and shares what you've never been told to help you succeed and reach your next level of potential. 

Every athlete has a story. Many of us experience hardships and lessons that come with progressing in our sport, sometimes without consistent help. With the highs of winning, we also deal with the lows of negative self-talk, body dysmorphia, injuries, feeling inadequate, not knowing what to do with limited resources, and even straining or inappropriate relationships with coaches.


This ebook is created to help.

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Hi, I'm Kayla.

Author of What Coach Never Told You

As an athlete, I train to get the most out of my body, but as a person, I also want to enjoy the process. I created "What Coach Never Told You" to document what I have learned as a post-collegiate athlete training toward a professional career and the Olympics.

After training with a developmental Olympic group for 1.5 years. Then solo for another 5 years, I learned tools, training, and ways to take care of myself both mentally and physically that I never learned in a high school or college program.


I believe training should make sense without killing your mind and body. So, what has your coach never told you?

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Limited Time Extras

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Printable Training Journal

Ready to start your training journal but don't know where to start? With this pre-sale grab a printable training journal to track your mental and physical progress as you edge towards your goals. 


Author Read Audiobook

Sometimes it just doesn't feel like there is time to read. Get the audiobook with your purchase of What Coach Never Told You during the pre-sale. 


Exclusive Clickable Links

Wondered how to work on your mental preparation? Want to know more about how to structure your nutrition? Additional links throughout the book are available for a limited time in a private membership area.


Exclusive Value Price

With 60+ pages of mental and physical training material, an additional printable journal, the an audiobook, the entire ebook is available for $47.  

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