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Explore Your Athletic Potential

with What Coach Never Told You Ebook and Guide

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Learn How To Become Your Best Tool

Step by step on how to unlock your athletic potential

Ever wondered how pro athletes train their minds, recover their bodies and create an environment around themselves to become the best? In this ebook and guide, I'll teach you exactly how to train like a pro in a healthy intentional way by yourself using your determination, self care, and focus.

Grab yours before May 15th for the launch discount!

- E-Book Limited Time Bonus Launch  -

Feel Confident In Yourself

Is This You?


Are you tired of feeling like you have big potential but can't figure out how to tap into it?


Want to get an inside look into how pro's become top of their sport?


Are you having a hard time doing this alone without guidance?

What if you could...

Know What The Pro's Know

What Haven't You Been Told?

The e-book is here to tell you the things your coach may not know or chooses not to tell you. From recovery protocols to learning how to perform like a professional, this shines a light on what you go through and shares what you've never been told to help you succeed and reach your next level of potential. 

Every athlete has a story. Many of us experience hardships and lessons that come with progressing in our sport, sometimes without consistent help. With the highs of winning, we also deal with the lows of negative self-talk, body dysmorphia, injuries, feeling inadequate, not knowing what to do with limited resources, and even straining or inappropriate relationships with coaches.


This ebook is created to help.

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Sneak Pee

Sample Book Only: This is an Ebook that will download to your preferred device.

Who Is This For & What's Inside?

All athletes from highschool to post collegiate who want to see what they can really do.



Clickable Links

Wondered how to work on your mental preparation? Want to know more about how to structure your nutrition? Additional links throughout the book are available.


Extensive Recovery Protocols

Ever wanted to know how elite athletes rest and recover? Check out the mental and physical recovery protocol chapter with tips to make recovery easy and approachable.


Interactive Checklists

Exclusive Value Price

As you read, check off lists to see how you are doing as an athlete in the red and green flags sections. See how you stack up as an athlete.

With 60+ pages of mental and physical training material, an additional printable journal, and exclusive linked resources.

- What Coach Never Told You - 

Plus A Launch Bonus

Want to get live information about training like a pro?

If you join before May 15th, you'll get access to a special 1 hour group session where you can submit up to 2 questions and I will make suggestions about what you can do next to get to the next level in your sport mentally and physically.

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Hi, I'm Kayla.

Author of What Coach Never Told You

As an athlete, I train to get the most out of my body, but as a person, I also want to enjoy the process. I created "What Coach Never Told You" to document what I have learned as a post-collegiate athlete training toward a professional career and the Olympics.

After training with a developmental Olympic group for 1.5 years. Then solo for another 5 years, I learned tools, training, and ways to take care of myself both mentally and physically that I never learned in a high school or college program.


I believe training should make sense without killing your mind and body. So, what has your coach never told you?

DSC05202 3.JPG


Does this include training plans? No, this is everything a pro does outside of training to recover, mentally be ready to train and compete, deal with outide factors and stay on track when it comes to the 90% outside of training. If you want to explore training plan, check out the train with kayla tab.

Does this work for all sports? This leans towards track and field since that is my peronal background, but all these tools for recovery and mental prep can be applied to any athlete in any sport.

Do you offer personalized (or 1:1) consulting for athletes? This ebook is a self read that teaches you how to make pro athlete choices when it comes to being fit mentally and physically. It does NOT include any coaching or consulting.

Do you have a refund policy? Since this is a dedicated digital product, we are not offering refunds. Please be absolutely sure that you want this product.

Do we have lifetime access? Absolutely! Download it and it is yours forever.

How can I reach you if I have a question? My IG DMs are always open at @killabushey or you can email me at with any questions.

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