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About Kayla

Happy you are here. Let's get to know each other a little more.

I'm training to explore
my potential

Potential in what?

How Far I Can Go In A Sport

My sport is track and field and I specifically do triple jump. I've always loved the idea that with the right environment, support, hard work and mentality, anything is possible. From a small Divison 3 non national qualifier to a top 5 USA National Championships athlete, at 29 I am still in my journey exploring my potential. Now 7 years into this journey, I am happy to help other people and athletes who want to explore theirs too.

Highlights During This Journey


I graduated from college and decided to pursue becoming a professional track and field athlete instead of following a traditional route by joining an Olympic development training group.


I started posting on social media to share my journey. After failing to reach the 2021 Olympic Trials by a few centimeters, my story started resonating with other athletes. And now we are 21,000 strong.


Through Instagram, I was scouted to do my first commercial experience. I was flown out to New York. The experience was incredible and taught me how many opportunities there are once you start sharing your journey.


After training intensely for 4 years after college, I went to my first USA National Championships in 2020. It was intimidating and by far the biggest stage I had competed on. I didn't make finals. Two years later, I continued to train and qualified to compete again in 2023, taking 5th place.


I opened my graphic design and consulting business to work remotely and travel the world as I train and compete. Working with companies on social media has been a main part of my business. It took a few years to get consistent but working independently has been a gift. Graphic design and communication studies are my background majors from college.


This is the year of learning to embrace balance, imbalance, and joy. I moved to a French Caribbean Island to train for the year. And yes! It has been a crazy process of visas, a new language, and new relationships. But I am enjoying the process. Even with google translate and a bike.

But, My Journey Isn't Perfect

I've struggled with feeling like I belong in the track world, learning the professional world's rules, body dysmorphia, financial struggles to work and train, online aggressions, sexually charged interactions with coaches, and the emotional weight of training alone for years. These tough lessons are the main reason why I create resources to help other athletes as they begin their journies.

Real-Time Updates

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