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What Coach Never Told You EBook

What Coach Never Told You EBook

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Discover why you feel off when your out of season, how to recover instead of just rest and how to get to the next level in your athletics with What Coach Never Told You.


This 60+ page ebook includes links to additinal resources to go beyond regular coaching wisdom. 


Ebook Chapters: Coach Never Told You

  1. You Are Your Best Tool
  2. Your Sport Is Not Your Identity
  3. How To Get Out Of Your Own Way
  4. The Difference Between Rest & Recovery
  5. One Coach Doesn't Fit All
  6. At Some Point Your Will Get Hurt



Personal Stories

I share my personal stories around each of the lessons I am sharing in this ebook. 


Coaching Red Flags

Check off red and green flags for coaches to see if you are in a healthy training space. 


Confidence, Mental Blocks & Triggers

Learn and test ways to deal with mental triggers and blocks both on and off the track and field. 


Why "What Coach Never Told You"?

These are topics that are often not talked about and sometimes hard to find when you are starting out as an athlete or have been in a coaching system for a long time. These are truths that can help improve your training, recovery and quality of life as an athlete and human being. 


If you're ready to discover a new path, What Coach Never Told You, could be a great place to start. 

  • After purchase you will have an immediate link in the check out area to download the PDF version of this book. It can be used on an iphone, ipad, and computer. (It has not been tested on androids.)

    You will also recieve a live link that will go to your email and will be available for 30 days after purchase.  

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