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Train Like An
Elite Athlete
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Everything pro athletes do to train at the top level. Find specific training resources to explore your full athletic potential from mental to physical.

Ready to train like a pro?

You're ready, driven, and have the potential to jump far. You know it and yet... something is holding you back. Maybe it's knowing what to do, or even where to start. But deep down, you know you have so much potential ready to be explored.

So, where do you start? Technical drills? Mental prep? A full program? Which comes first?

It all comes down to what works for you and what path feels right.

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Hi, I'm Kayla.

A team USA track and field triple jump athlete and coach creating workouts that (actually) help.

Training to reach your potential can become a lot of Google and YouTube searches of "how to jump higher" or "how to gain confidence." 

Over the past 7+ years with Olympic jump development, the biggest lesson learned is that training is specific to YOU. Your progress is linked to how you train, how you recover, where you are starting, and how far you want to go. 

Here you can thrive as long as you have an open mind and are ready to explore a different path. Whether it's getting to the National Championships, wanting to get a few more inches on your dunk or not peeing on yourself when you do a box jump. Let's explore your potential and how you can train like a pro.

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Training Tips

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